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Wigan Aluminium Windows produce a large range of quality window units for Horseboxes, Vehicles, Trailers, Plant and Marine Applications together with numerous special purpose windows for Medical and Industrial use. The company has been established for over 20 years manufacturing quality products to satisfy the most demanding of customers.

In addition to a range of stock windows, we can manufacture units to customers own specifications and design, in a wide range of styles and shapes, with various glass tints and frame finishes.

Windows are manufactured using high quality extruded aluminium with square or radius corners, all fitted with secure locking catches in a range of styles.

Regular quality checks are made throughout the production process to ensure the units are leak free and last for many years.

Standard windows are available with a 7-10 day delivery, specials taking some 2-3 weeks. We are happy to discuss your precise requirements or to help you at the design stage with any information or advice.

Horse Box Windows

Our horse box windows are made to a traditional design using the best quality materials to give years of trouble free service.

A wide range of types and styles is available to suit almost any requirement. Window units are divided into 3 basic categories.

Horse Area

The most popular choice here is for a run of half drop sliding windows at the horses head side and a corresponding line of smaller ventilation windows at the horse rear end.

The size and quantity of windows used will be dictated by the size of the box and the number of horses to be carried.

Half Drop Windows

  • Available in 2 stock sizes and 2 finishes.
  • Radius or square corners and "D" shapes for use to create a ribbon look.
  • Finish is powder coated satin black or plain aluminium "mill" finish where the units are to be painted to coordinate the body finish.
  • The top glass slides down to give a good area of ventilation and view. The windows are available with protection bars fitted directly to the frame of the window to allow a good degree of protection and a quick fit operation.
  • A substantial sprung metal catch is fitted to give years of service and a positive locking action.
  • Glazing is toughened glass to current European standard and is available in Bronze, Green or Grey tint. Privacy glass is also available to order.
  • Our standard range is produced in clear or bronze glass with plain or black finish.
  • All units have pre-drilled fixing holes unless specified, when units are to be bonded to the vehicle body.
  • Backing trims available for easy internal trimming.

Vent Windows

  • Small vent windows standard size being 18 x 10 inch (hole size) are side to side sliders, again fitted with a positive lock to gives years of service.
  • Smaller or bigger units are available to special order.
  • The range of glass and finishes as detailed above.
  • Backing trims are available to assist internal trimming.

Living Area

We produce a large range of windows for the living area of the horse box.

  • Side to side sliding windows - where the where the unit is split in the centre with a full height sliding window.
  • Pan sliding windows - where there is a fixed slim bottom glass with a fixed and sliding window above. This is particularly useful if kitchen or locker units are to be used below.
  • A"Teardrop" windows - where the front of a pan type window slopes down at the front to give an excellent visual impact.
  • Corners may be radius or square or any combination of both.
  • Finish and glass options and finishes as for our other units.
  • Positive locking system and full length finger pull used for easy operation and trouble free service.

Our standard range is available in 36 x 24inch (W x H), 42 x 36, 48 x 36 sizes with radios corners, black finish, clear or bronze glass.

Backing rings are available for all units to assist internal trimming.

Luton Windows / Door Units

We specialize in shaped units for use in the Luton area of the box especially where the leading edge of the unit is required to follow the shape of the Luton.

Windows can be made to customers shape patterns.

Door windows, both fixed and sliding can be made to customers exact requirements.

All glass and finish option are as our other units.

Backing trims available.

Vehicle Windows

Wigan Aluminium has manufactured various window units for use in van conversions where a standard panel van is converted to create a people carrier, camper or motor home.

Essentially these are rubber glazed or riveted types produce as fixed, half sliding or pan sliding types.

All finishes and glass option are available to order.

The modern trend to manufacturer fitted windows and directly glazed bonded units has reduced the use of these types, but they still provide a reliable, low cost option where build quantities are low or special designs need to be accommodated.

Landovers and off road vehicles are a speciality of ours and we manufacture units for Landrover Defender conversions, SWB and LWB. These are available as riveted on windows or rubber glazed types.

Clear or Green Tinted glass is available and standard finish is powder coated satin black. In our opinion, they match or exceed the quality of OE units and have been proved to last for many years in arduous conditions.

These windows have gone all over the world being used in medical and humanitarian relief operations for over 20 years.

We also manufacture window units for many Landrover derived vehicles and 4 x 4 in general.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your own particular requirements.

Vintage and Veteran Vehicle windows can be repaired or replicated in many cases. Whilst our range of aluminium sections cannot be exactly the same as the original, we can, on most occasions, provide a suitable quality replacement for a window that is no longer available. This includes cars, trucks, trailers etc.


We specialize in made to measure window units for use in all types of vehicle trailer units - these include:

  • Car Transporters
  • Mobile Workshops
  • Public Address Trailer Units
  • Mobile Medical Applications
  • Mobile Canteens, Restaurants
  • Fast Food Trailers
  • Showground Trailers and Pay Booths
  • Mobile Banks and Security Units
  • Film Units
  • Animal Transportation
  • Exhibition Units

Our major strength is our ability to manufacture window units to particular customer's requirements whilst maintaining a high quality of build to ensure years of service.

We have a vast experience in the use of materials to provide specific security or safety requirements, Anti-Bandit glasses, Fire Safety glass and modern Polycarbonate materials which give great security with no weight penalty.

Plant Windows

We have vast experience in the production of window units for numerous makes and models of plant and equipment. This includes both the popular machines in use along with windows made to customer's specific requirements and designs.

We supply the major automotive glass replacement companies with replacement window units and work closely with them to identify and satisfy individual requirements.

Wigan Aluminium offers windows to suit a variety of machines at a considerable saving on the OE prices in most cases.

Airport Ground Support Equipment is an area where we specialise and can supply units for:

  • Tugs
  • Security Cabins
  • Baggage handling
  • Fork Trucks
  • Special Materials Handling Vehicles
  • Fire Engines

In addition to new window units we offer a repair facility on manufacturers frames. In the event that we cannot reglaze this, we can generally produce a similar window to perform the same function and gives years of additional service.


Marine windows are very specialised products, where safety and quality are the major areas of importance.

Windows manufacture and supplied by Wigan Aluminium include narrowboats, canal cruisers, houseboats etc. used on inland waterways.

Medical & Scientific

Windows for use in the construction of Clean Rooms have been a special product manufactured by Wigan Aluminium for over 20 years and literally thousand have been supplied for use in medical and super-clean environments.

The window units are manufactured from light section extruded aluminium section with either radius or square corners to customer choice.

They are glazed in 6mm clear toughened glass to current industry requirements. Other glazing materials include Fire Resistant Glass, Polycarbonate materials and security glass.

The window units are finished to a very high standard with a polyester powder coated finish to give a clean impressive appearance. Standard finish is white but other colours can be supplied to customer's requirements.

These can be used singly or either side of a partition wall to give a twin glazed result. This method gives an excellent "flush" finish to both sides of the clean room and provides better sealing and sound transmission qualities.

Units with radius corners give a real "high tech" appearance and provide minimal opportunities for dirt traps etc.

In addition to being used in the room walls, we also manufacture door units of any size or shape either for single or double installation.

Our maximum size recommendation is 2.0 x 1.0 metre but please contact us if you need to exceed these sizes.

We also some aluminium fabricating facilities especially on the refurbishment of existing medical facilities where secondary glazing is used in conjunction with our standard vision panels to produce a modern, sterile environment.

Examples are operating units, pharmacy, research facilities etc.


We're specialists in custom windows for a variety of applications including:

  • Horseboxes
  • Vehicles
  • Trailers
  • Plant
  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Scientific
  • and much more...

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